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Category: Printing

How do I print my forms?

Forms can now be printed before you e-file!  Please note however, this is an e-filing site.  Your forms WILL be e-filed.  You cannot print out forms without them being e-filed.

NOTE: You can also view the forms prior to e-filing through the E-File menu. Please see How do I view forms before e-filing? for directions.

Select the "Print" option on the Main Menu.

Select the company, select the type of form you want to print, and then select all the forms you wish to print.  If you have not e-filed and paid for your forms, you will be asked to enter your credit card information to pay for the forms before you can print them.

Note: If you have different types of forms under one company you will have to repeat this process for each type of form.

The forms will open on a new screen. Depending upon how your Adobe preferences are set, they may open in another window. You may print or save the forms. Saving the forms would allow you to email the recipient their copies.