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Category: E-Filing

How do I view forms before e-filing?

Note: You may now print your forms before you e-file them.  To print your forms, click on the "Print" option from the Main Menu.

To view forms before e-filing, select the E-file option on the Main Menu.

Choose the company and then select each of the forms you wish to view prior to filing. If you want to view all of them, click on the Select All button. After selecting your forms, click on the applicable Summary/Forms View button. To view the 1096 or W3, click on the Summary button.

If you are having trouble viewing the forms, first make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. If an image of the form still does not appear, try holding down the control (Ctrl) button before clicking on the view button. Continue holding down the Ctrl button until an image appears. You may also need to change your preferences in Adobe to view outside of your internet browser. For more information on changing this, please visit the I cannot view or print my forms article.