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Category: Expenses

What do I do if a vendor I need to pay is not listed in the drop down list?

If the vendor name does not appear in the Select Vendor drop down list within the Expenses or Bills Entry screens, then the vendor is not properly set up. You can quickly add the vendor by selecting the Add Vendor link in the drop down menu and entering their name. If you want to enter their GL Account or address at this time, click on Advanced Options to expand the box and enter the information. You can later edit this vendor if you want to enter additional information for them.

The other option is to select "Setup" on the menu toolbar and choose "Vendor Setup". Click on the "Add New Vendor" button and type in the Vendor Name. You must indicate whether the vendor is subject to a Form 1099, and if so, which type 1099 applies.

If the vendor is a 1099 type, either a SSN or an EIN will be required to complete the setup. We recommend entering as much of the vendor information as you have available (address and phone number) as well as assigning a default GL account to save time in recording payments consistently. If you do not assign a default GL account to the vendor during setup, you will assign the expense account, or other account type, in certain situations, to the individual payment at the time you record the transaction.