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Category: Expenses

How do I record a payment I made?

To record payments made, select Daily Work on the Menu Toolbar and then select Expenses. Select the vendor from the drop down list. If the vendor is not listed, you will need to add the vendor by hovering over Setup in the Menu Toolbar and select Vendor Setup.

Indicate the payment type from the drop down list and verify the bank account. The default cash account will prefill here automatically. The reference # (for example, check #) will reflect the next sequential number for the bank account selected and the date will default to the current calendar date. Update these fields if necessary.

Next, select the GL Account that best fits the circumstances of this payment. If a default GL account was assigned to the vendor in Vendor Setup, it will prefill here. Enter the amount of the expense that should be recorded to this GL Account, in most cases, the amount will be the total payment.

You can also enter any notes that you may want to associate with this line item. If there are additional lines to add, select the Add New Line button or press Tab from the Amount box.

For example, you are paying your insurance company but want to record part of the payment to Auto Expense and the remainder to Liability Insurance.

Lastly, choose the Save & Print option if you want to print this check now. If the payment has already been made, by handwritten check or electronic funds transfer for instance, choose Save Payment to save the transaction as an after-the-fact entry.

Choosing Cancel will discard the expense information.